They always arrive on time. Are professional while in my home and most importantly are honest. We called our home warranty company and it was going to take a week for them to send someone out. We decided to pay for the repair ourselves and get someone out quickly. We called Goode. They came out the same day. While repairing our unit they noticed that the part that had “broken” was a part that had been replaced before and should still be under warranty. They took the time to research it and found the part had been replaced not by the previous owner but the owner before them. Then they worked with the manufacture to have the warranty transferred into our names saving us from paying for an expensive part. We never would have known that the part was under warranty (or even how to transfer the warranty into our name) and could have easily sold us the part but they are not that kind of business. Since that time we have a maintenance contract with them and they keep our units in excellent working order.