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In the Houston area, air conditioners are not a luxury but rather almost a requirement. Your air conditioner is not only responsible for cooling your home, but also removing the humidity and controlling the air quality in your home. That being said, your air conditioner is the largest appliance in your home that not only cools your home but is responsible for the comfort in your home.


Types of Air Conditioners Available

Can you guess how many product families that air conditioning manufactures produce?   (Hint: its more than the three our competitors show you).  Manufacture product families are primary based upon the condenser efficiency.  There are two major ways an air conditioning manufacture can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner: A) in crease the condenser coil and B) Supply a different type of compressor (the compressor, in the condenser, is the “heart” of your air conditioner and is responsible for pumping the refrigerant throughout your system) .


Different types of compressors:

  1. Single Stage Compressor (14-16 SEER): This “pump” only operates in an on / off (0%/100%) capacity.  This is the most common type of compressor, but offers the least efficiency available.
  2. Two Stage Compressor (16-18 SEER): This “pump” will go from 0% to 70% to 100% capacity.  During the 70% operation, this allows for your AC to pull out a lot of humidity in you home, making you feel more comfortable.
  3. Variable Speed Compressor (17-23+ SEER): This “pump” starts at 30% and will speed up and down depending upon how much cooling is called for by the thermostat.  Since the compressor only starts at 30%, the starting power necessary is only a fraction of what is needed on single or 2 stage compressor.  This will allow the air conditioning system to operate for a longer time that others, but at a fraction of the cost and better humidity control.
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We are in the business of air conditioning, not air cooling.

An air conditioner should be sized for your home, not the square footage of your home.  Forget the rule of thumb that your air conditioner size is based upon the square footage of your home.  The proper way to size an air conditioning system is through an ACCA Manual J Load calculation. This calculation not only looks at your square footage, but your home’s insulation, the number of occupants, the construction of your windows and the direction that they are facing and a lot of other factors.  It is true that two houses with identical floor plans right next to each other, but facing different directions, will have different load requirements. Properly sizing your air conditioning system will ensure that it will not only maintain your desired temperature but be able to run long enough to remove the moisture within your home.

We will be happy to provide you with an ACCA Manual J Load analysis if you are considering replacing your air conditioner.


Quote for your Air Conditioner

The best customer is the most informed customer.

While most companies will only present you with three options, we believe that you should chose the most appropriate system for your home.  Our proposal includes up to 5 different options from both American Standard and Daikin. Our proposal details all the model numbers of the equipment as well as the SEER and capacity of each match up, so there is no confusion as to what you are purchasing.

While most companies will charge extra for miscellaneous items, our proposals detail all these miscellaneous items we feel are necessary for the proper installation.  Therefore, when we give you the proposal, the price that we present is the final price and there are no additional costs that will be associated with the installation of your air conditioner.


Installation of your air conditioner:

The final process in the manufacturing of an air conditioner is the installation of that system. If it is not installed properly, the system will never perform as stated.

We at Goode Air Conditioning and Heating do not use subcontractors for the installation of your largest appliance within your home.  Our installation crews are employees of Goode Air Conditioning, and we constantly train and monitor our employees to ensure that they use the best practices while installing your system.


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