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Air conditioning is not just cooling and heating the air in your home, but also conditioning the air for your comfort.  There are several ways that Goode Air Conditioning and heating can better condition your air.

Indoor Air Quality

Humidity Control

Environmental control should go beyond temperature. There are many other factors that affect comfort inside a house. Take humidity as an example. Your air conditioner is the best defense against high humidity levels within your home.  A properly sized air conditioning system should keep the humidity level within you home between 50% to 60%.

If you feel clammy, you might have a humidity issue.  When the moisture content in the air is low, sweat can readily evaporate which helps people feel cooler. When moisture content is high, evaporation is harder and so individuals may feel like their skin is getting warm and sticky with the trapped sweat.

Residential Dehumidifiers

In order to solve a humidity problem, you have to address it head on with specialized equipment. That is exactly what a dehumidifier is. It is able to suck the moisture out of the air inside you home, thus allowing evaporative cooling to proceed as normal when people sweat. Air conditioners can help in dehumidification but regions where high humidity is a perennial issue are better off relying on heavy duty equipment.

Indoor air quality

Do you or one of your family members have allergies?  Does last night’s dinner linger long after you have enjoyed it? Does your house feel as humid as your backyard after a Houston summer rain?  We have solutions for these.

A recent study made the revelations about how people are now spending a lot more of their time indoors. With Houston’s hot and humid summers, this is not a big revelation. New homes are a lot tighter than they were 30 years ago. Therefore we need to improve the filtration and quality of the air you breathe. Literally without us even seeing it, smaller pollutants like dust and chemical odors are making their way unhindered into our bodies, and our homes do not allow the fresh air in. However, it is very possible to bring the fresh outdoors into your home by finding out about how residential indoor air quality can be improved.

Goode Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.

The main factors for this pollution are you, pet dander, dust mites, formaldehyde, mildew, and other volatile organic carbon compounds. People who suffer from asthma and other life-threatening conditions are at a greater risk of harm than those who do not.

Now that you have a general idea of the severity of indoor air pollution, you should hire a residential indoor air quality expert. We are trained to make an assessment of your home and present you with options on improving the quality of the air that you breathe.

Best HVAC Technicians

Goode has been in the HVAC business since 1976. We continue to serve the Humble, Kingwood and surrounding areas, ensuring that the locals always have the best when it comes to heating and cooling. Our technicians can install, maintain, and repair dehumidifiers for relief during the hottest months of the year. Indoor air quality, insulation, and related aspects of environmental control can also be improved.