Furnace Service

Residential Furnace Service

It is not unusual to be in the dark about gas furnaces and the importance of regular maintenance and servicing, rather ignorance in that regard is more common than not. Servicing of gas furnaces is important not only because it helps in maintaining an efficient heating system. For more reasons than that, furnace service ensures durability and the longevity of a system that costs an arm and a leg to install.

How often must one service their furnace?

The frequency at which one must service a furnace is a contentious issue with different viewpoints on the matter. However, a good rule of thumb is to service before winter and before summer, two periods when regular use of an under-serviced furnace will inevitably lead to it malfunctioning at some point when you really need it to be working.

How much does it cost, generally?

A professional service will cost you between $80 and $130. Then there is the alternative of a service plan that comes with the warranty. The latter entitles you to free repair and maintenance for the duration of the warranty and is certainly an option you should look out for when shopping for a new gas furnace.

Who should I contract for the job?

Not so obvious at first, but to be certain of a good job it is wise to call the manufacturer. Servicemen from manufacturers are like the surgeons of gas furnaces.

Are there any signs and symptoms that indicate that service is due?

Unless your furnace is new –and you haven’t been issued with instructions regarding maintenance- the furnace service due date issued after a service must tell you forthwith that you need to make a call. Other than that, general ‘red flag’ signs and symptoms include: low heating and cooling efficiency, higher than usual energy bills and loud sounds when it is running.