Furnace Maintenance in Humble, TX

Furnace Maintenance in Humble, TX and Surrounding Areas

air-condioner-repairman-thumbsup-000008948448_xxxlarge-minThose who penned the phrase “a stitch in time saves nine” did not mince their words in trying to describe how regular maintenance is generally the best way to prevent further deterioration or damage to anything that so requires it. The same applies to gas furnace maintenance. All heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems require regular fine tuning and servicing for various reasons. However, hiring a maintenance guy isn’t always necessary for there are certain tasks you can actually carry out yourself.

Inspecting a Gas Furnace

To prevent needless injury the first thing you ought to do is switch off the system before you start inspecting your gas unit. This means switching off the electricity supply and turning off the fuel source. The second step -which is not complicated once you are taught how to do so- requires you to replace the air filters. It is inevitable for air filters to become clogged with dust particles. These particles of dust have the undesirable effect of putting a strain on your furnace, and this has a knock on effect on your energy bill whether you like it or not.

Maintaining the Area Around Your Heater

One aspect of gas furnaces a lot of people tend to ignore is the immediate area surrounding the furnace itself. Believe it or not but keeping the surrounding area where the furnace is housed clean goes a long way in prolonging the longevity of your filters. Simply put, if the air around the furnace is dusty and clustered with all kinds of debris, the speed of accumulation of dust particles in the filters will surely be hastened, as the furnace takes in the air around it.

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