Air Conditioning Services in Humble, TX


Repairing air conditioners is an art that requires skills, experience, up to date diagnostic equipment, and staying abreast of the latest technology. We at Goode AC repair have all of these and more. Our skilled technicians with years of experience are competent enough to repair any brand and build of ACs quickly and efficiently at prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket. We specialize in maintaining major brands such as: Rheem/ Rudd, American Standard/ Trane, Amana/ Goodman, Lennox, Bryant/ Carrier.
We stand apart from the others because we offer our services round the clock and replace damaged parts with original spares. Our proficient technicians will diagnose and repair the problems in your AC in minimal time. Apart from this, we also give you a warranty on all spares. This means that if a particular part breaks down within that period, we replace it for free. We are a family run business that has been servicing ACs in the Humble and Kingwood areas for the past four decades. Since we always keep our personnel updated about the evolving technologies, you can rest assured that they will properly repair your AC no matter the age of the unit.


Maintenance and repair is important to keep a system in good health. Air conditioning and heating systems work continuously and thus these systems are subjected to lot of stress. Unless regular maintenance of these systems is carried out, it might be difficult to obtain maximum operating efficiency from these systems. Loss in efficiency directly affects the operating cost. Therefore, if you want to get the best value from your heating and cooling systems, it makes sense to find a reputable residential AC service for the maintenance of your AC equipment.
We, at Goode Air Conditioning and Heating Inc, have been in the business for the last 35 years, and during this time we have done lots of repair, maintenance, and installation work in this industry. Our team is dedicated to improving service quality more and more each day. Our aim is to deliver quality service to our customers and keep them associated with our business for many years to come. We understand that this can only be achieved with utmost dedication to our work standards and keeping everyone satisfied with our services. Our team even has the technical competency to service all brands of air conditioning equipment.


A household HVAC system typically costs between $1300 and $2000. Larger devices cost more, but bigger is better to for a larger home. The ideal size depends on the cubic area of a house as well as its insulation. A poorly insulated home effectively behaves like a larger house, because the air conditioner will run harder to compensate. An over-sized unit might blast air too forcefully and waste energy.
A reliable expert can determine the ideal unit for your home. It should be large enough to perform well in extreme hot and cold, and this slight overcapacity is essential both for domestic comfort and the longevity of the unit. All air conditioners have a maximum capacity, and an AC that runs continually will see overheating and wear of its compressor. The best reason for new AC installation very much is the increased efficiency. The array of tubes carrying refrigerant through the heat exchanger tends to be finer than older models, and the heat sink itself might be more effective at expelling waste heat. A variety of technological innovations contribute to efficiency, and modern air conditioners are exceptional devices.