AC Tune-Up in Humble, TX

AC Tune-Up in Humble, TX and Surrounding Areas

air-conditioner-repairman-working-on-an-outdoor-unitTry as you might, you can never get rid of dust from your room. Your air conditioner chills the atmosphere inside your room by sucking hot and humid air from it, passing the air over fins connected to a serpentine copper tube and cooled via induction. A fan then blows out this chilled air through a grille to lower the ambient temperature inside the room. Fine particles of dust, floating in the air, get sucked up too, but the filter blocks it from getting inside your AC. Your AC functions as a dehumidifier too by drawing humidity from your room, converting it to water, which drops on a tray from which it drains via a hole.

AC Unit Cleaning

Obviously, the dust mixes with the water and chokes the filter. Dust accumulated in the tray blocks the drain hole, prohibiting water from draining. This stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Apart from that, a choked filter puts pressure on the compressor, forcing it to run more than required, since cool air from your room cannot reach the thermostat (located behind the filter), which switches off the compressor to fan mode after the room temperature falls below a set level. Instead of attempting to clean the dirt on your own, get in touch with a residential AC tune-up specialist.

Professional AC Tune-Up Service

You should never risk giving the job of Residential AC tune-up to a nonprofessional. Is there any guarantee that they will not replace the original components of your AC with cheap imported spares? We have been servicing ACs in Humble, TX for many years. You can rest assured that our skilled technicians will check and clean the filter, plug hole, and evaporator coils to improve its functionality and decrease your power bills by ensuring that the compressor switches to fan mode once the air in your room reaches the preset temperature.

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